Tradition Miso Organic Brown Rice - Aged 3 years

Tradition Miso Organic Brown Rice - Aged 3 years

  • $13.50

Ingredients: organic soybeans, organic brown rice, unrefined sundried sea salt, deep well water, culture (aspergillus oryzae)

  • aged over 3 years in cypress-wood
  • full savoury flavour
  • gluten free


Why Tradition Miso?
Unpasteurized • Probiotic • Live Enzymes • Authentic Production • Unrefined Sundried Sea Salt
Certified Organic • Packed in Glass

The best miso, like fine wine or a great violin, requires the purest, high quality ingredients, combined and prepared in a time-honoured recipe, and patiently matured to perfection.

Tradition Miso Inc. is one of only a handful of companies in North America with the patience and dedication to make only the best, pure miso.

Our miso is unpasteurized and certified organic, contains no sugar, preservatives or filler. Unlike the commercial product, Tradition Miso is made the old way, aged up to three and four full years.

Try the best Miso... try Tradition Miso!