Razor| Black (Incl. 4 Cartridges)

Razor| Black (Incl. 4 Cartridges)

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  • This handcrafted razor gives you maximum control and maneuverability

Razor | Black (Includes 4 Cartridges)

Kit Includes: one razor handle | one stand | four cartridges  Razor handle made from Zinc Alloy. Cartridges made from Stainless Steel.

Recommended Use

Steps to shaving perfection: Cleanse with warm water and EMJ face wash or face scrub, which softens the skin and relaxes hair follicles. Apply EMJ shave cream or shave gel. Always shave with the grain. Never against it. Rinse with cool water, which closes pores and soothes sensitive skin. Apply EMJ face lotion to hydrate and protect. Dry your razor thoroughly by patting with a towel. Store it someplace open and dry.