Liva Date Sugar Canister

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  • LOW G.I.
  • 2021 Best New Product for Alternative Sugar Category determined by feedback in a national survey of 17,834 Canadian consumers by BrandSpark International.
  • For those with a desire for a healthier alternative to plain sugar, LIVA brand raw date sugar is a natural, organic raw alternative that has functional benefits including fibre.
  • A whole food pantry staple for families and those who enjoy making salads, marinades, ice cream, smoothies, baking and a healthier lifestyle.
  • LIVA brand raw date sugar has a caramel-like flavour and is most often used as a 1-1 1/4 replacement in recipes calling for white or brown sugar.
  • LIVA raw organic dissolvable date sugar contains only two ingredients. The first is dehydrated ground Deglet Noor dates and all of the whole food goodness they contain. The second is love. Life is a little sweeter with LIVA.


- Certified Organic

- Non-GMO Project Verified 

- Gluten Free

- Vegan Source of Fiber

- Certified Kosher

- Ingredients: Organic date powder

Life is sweet. Just ask Lubaina Rakla, the founder of the LIVA brand. A passionate, highly accomplished entrepreneur, Lubaina was inspired to create LIVA by her own life experience. A wife, mother, and lover of all things sweet, she found herself facing health challenges typically caused by sugar consumption. The thought of depriving herself of sugar was very difficult to accept and caused a lot of frustration. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and indeed for Lubaina it was. She researched and tested every sugar alternative available to her only to find that most were nutritionally inferior.

Then she discovered date sugar. Delicious and loaded with nutrients, Lubaina could finally indulge in desserts guilt-free and her vision of building a global brand of premium, natural date-based products was born. Life truly is sweet and LIVA makes life sweeter for all. The LIVA brand is built on 4 key ingredients. PLEASURE, PURITY AND SIMIPLICITY, LOVE OF PEOPLE.