Essential Oil Diffuser Mist

Essential Oil Diffuser Mist

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Essential Oil Diffuser AROMATHERAPY mist

  • The Aura Cacia® Essential Oil Diffuser  brings aromatherapy into your everyday space
  • Its simple modern design works well in any room
  • An alternative to synthetic air fresheners, it utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to disperse a fine essential oil and water cool-mist
  • By not using heat, the natural aroma profile of essential oils is protected

  • Ultrasonic cool-mist diffusion • Coverage: 538 sq. ft. (50 sq. meters) — exceeds leading competitor diffusers by over 100 sq. ft. (9.3 sq. meters)• Easy to use and clean• Auto shut off, choose between 1 or 4 hour run times• Soft LED candle light with on/off feature, runs quietly