In-Store Discounts and Rewards

Senior Discount

Every Thursday, Seniors over 65 receive a 10% discount on supplements and workout supplements.

This does not include: Special Orders, Protein Bars

We must be presented with identification that shows your name, birth date and a picture.


Rewards program

We reward our customers with points for their in-store purchases of $40 excluding tax.

For every $40 (before tax) you earn 100 points. When you reach 1000 points,  you get $40 off your purchase.

Ask us how you can sign up to earn points in-store!


Special Orders

If we don’t carry something on our shelves we can special order some products for you. If we carry the brand of the product you are looking for, we can most likely order the product.

Supplement special orders can be ordered in singles. Food special orders usually have to be in cases. When someone orders a case, they get a 10% discount. They also get a 10% discount if they buy whole bulk bags or whole 1lb spice/herb bags.

All of of orders follow a monthly schedule, and therefore cannot be ordered on demand. The special orders must follow our schedule.

If you fail to pick up your special orders, you will lose your privilege of our pick-up honour system and be required to prepay for everything you special order.